The British government announced a ban on disposable e-cigarettes on Monday. The aim is to discourage young people from using e-cigarettes. A restriction on the flavours of e-cigarettes was also proposed. Nevertheless, the British government intends to stick to its harm reduction strategy to encourage adult smokers to switch to vaping.

Dustin Dahlmann, President of IEVA: “Young people should neither smoke nor vape. But bans are the wrong approach. This is shown by developments in the US and Australia.”

A 2021 study showed that flavour bans for e-cigarettes in San Francisco increased the number of young smokers significantly more than in comparable districts.

In Australia, millions of illegal e-cigarettes have flooded the black market after the government imposed a ban on disposable e-cigarettes.

Support for the UK industry

Our member associations UKVIA and IBVTA have criticised the government’s new announcement. IEVA supports both associations in their efforts.


If the government thinks banning disposables will help protect young people, they are completely misguided. This counterproductive legislation will sooner put children at greater risk by turbo-charging the black market and, in turn, making it easier for them to access illicit and non-compliant vapes.Link


With an estimated third of the UK vape market comprising illicit products, a ban will simply benefit those pushing illegal and unregulated products as people seek out single-use and flavoured vapes from illicit sources… Introducing bans on single-use vapes and flavours, will have hugely damaging consequences including making it harder for smokers to quit and will push those that have quit, back into smoking.Link

IEVA supports the aim of restricting vaping among young people while continuing to encourage adult smokers to switch to a much safer alternative. But this cannot be achieved through bans.

Under no circumstances should the UK government restrict the flavours of e-cigarettes. Flavours are a major reason for ex-smokers not to take up smoking again. This applies to all adult users of e-cigarettes who were previously almost exclusively smokers and for whom the e-cigarette was developed,” says Dustin Dahlmann.

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