The Independent European Vaping Association (IEVA) was founded on the basis of the cooperation between its members to invest in a regulatory approach, within the European Union, for “electronic cigarettes”, “E-liquids” as well as related products, in order to guarantee the quality, safety, sustainability and responsible distribution of the products.

It is part of IEVA’s mission the delivery of relevant expert opinions, the collection and exchange of international information, the organisation of conferences, seminars and similar events for members, associated members, customers or third parties as well as the publishing and distribution of material.

IEVA’s code of conduct set out behaviour policy for the Association and by which its members are required to comply. The code of conduct guides the actions of all IEVA’s members and aims at ensuring that IEVA’s values are respected and upheld.

Conduct in Business

  • IEVA is committed to participating in the public health debate and ensuring that the difference between vaping and smoking is well-established and wellunderstood.
  • IEVA’s members strive to protect the interests of the vaping industry and the safety of its customers.
  • Compliance with law, rules and regulations is a fundamental principle of responsible conduct. We also proactively seek to be informed of any legislative developments, thereby ensuring that IEVA and its members act in good faith at all times.
  • We are committed to legal and responsible advertising which promotes our products to adult smokers in an appropriate manner.
  • We provide safe, authorised and responsible alternatives to smoking to ageverified adults who seek options to tobacco.
  • We continue to develop and foster our industry specific knowledge in the relevant areas of expertise such as public health, technology and safety. This is an essential condition for delivering relevant expert opinions and upholding best practices.
  • We are committed to a proactive environmental approach. We ask our members to promote an environmental-friendly attitude and to comply with environmental policies.
  • We are a non-discriminatory association which provides an equal opportunity and respectful working environment. We fully respect the individuality, dignity and diversity of our members, staff and external experts.
  • We take the necessary steps to protect confidential information and we comply with the highest data protection standards.