IEVA today submitted a contribution to the Danish TRIS notifications.

In the context of the implementation of a national action plan against youth uptake of smoking, the Danish Parliament is currently examining L61 proposing a flavour ban for electronic cigarettes. Further restrictive measures on standardisation, labelling, packaging and display of e-cigarette and refill containers have been notified to the European Commission on 30th September
(2020/604/DK, 2020/605/DK, 2020/609/DK).

IEVA fully supports the harm reduction objective of Denmark. However, we would like to stress the possible negative and unintended consequences of the proposed measures that may – ultimately – run counter to the public health objectives. We are concerned that the foreseen measures and proposed restrictions on standardisation, labelling, packaging, display of e-cigarette and refill containers:

  1. Are not substantiated by evidence as the Danish government has failed to demonstrate “a specific Danish situation”;
  2. Are not proportionate to the public health objectives;
  3. Are unlikely to be effective and could drive former smokers into resuming smoking;
  4. Will distort the internal market and could lead to an increase in the black market due to the lack of control on cross border sales.

See the whole contribution here:

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