The European Commission has published a call for evidence on the evaluation of the legislative framework for tobacco control. To this end, the Commission launched a first round of feedback from May 20th to June 17th. Almost 25,000 organisations, experts and EU citizens took part. IEVA also gave comprehensive feedback.


The European e-cigarette market is one of the most regulated and safest worldwide. IEVA supports the tobacco product directive which has allowed for safe products to be made available to EU consumers. These rules have prevented irresponsible business – as we unfortunately have witnessed in the US, where the vaping market was not regulated – and whose behaviours we most vehemently condemn.

We would like to use this submission to present areas that merit further consideration through the process of evaluating the Tobacco Products Directive which we believe have not been addressed through the process thus far. We will focus on three core areas which we believe need to be further explored in any discussion about a legislative review: the impact on smokers, the impact on SMEs and employment, and the impact on illicit trade.

IEVA respectfully calls on the European Commission to closely consider these three areas in its review. We would be honoured to discuss the matter with you further during the up-coming consultation process in Q4 2022.

See the whole contribution here:

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