The European e-cigarette association Independent European Vape Alliance (IEVA) recently decided to update its Code for Responsible Marketing in order to demonstrate the responsibility of the industry when it comes to youth protection. The “E-Cigarette Professional Committee of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce (ECCC)” now also has signed this code. This is a very good sign of responsibility.

The Code for Responsible Marketing contains 14 mandatory principles. The main focus of the code is that “e-cigarette marketing should not make vaping seem appealing to minors”.

Dustin Dahlmann, President of IEVA: “As confident as we are that e-cigarettes have significant harm reduction potential, we also recognize that they must be marketed responsibly. The signatories therefore only address adult smokers and e-cigarette users with their advertising and marketing to inform them about the products. Youth protection is imperative for us. We are very glad that we agreed on this with our dear colleagues from China.

Here are some of the principles from the Code:

  • “Warnings: E-cigarette advertisement must contain clear warnings and references that the ad is exclusively intended for adult smokers and vapers.”
  • “Placement: E-cigarettes may not be advertised in establishments or at events which are mainly frequented by children and teenagers. A minimum distance of 100 meters must be maintained to the main entrance of schools.”
  • “Appeal to minors: E-cigarette advertising abstains from using cartoon characters and other fictional characters that could trigger the interest of minors.”
  • “Product design: The products must not be designed in any way to be particularly appealing to minors. Appealing in this context is the presentation using comic figures, the depiction of candies and generally any visual representation that can attract the attention of minors in a special way.”
  • “Health Professions: Advertisement for e-cigarettes does not contain persons, who represent health occupations or create the impression that the products would have a medical effect.”

Link to the Code of Responsible Marketing 

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